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Last Updated: 2013-09-07

Online since 1997, this site is maintained with infrequent additions,
as a tribute to all engineering students and electronics hobbyists.
I hope you find something interesting, educational or useful here!


Run CP/M-86 on VirtualBox!

FreeBSD/ARM on AT91SAM9260-EK

Android Native Binaries without NDK

.FORTH for ZNEO, eZ80190, eZ80F91/eZ80F92 (eZ80 Acclaim), Z80, Z180, Z380/Z382

Project Launcher for ZDS-II Projects

Parallel Port Interfacing (''roll-your-own'')

eZ80F91 Reference Design

6502 / 65C02: Hardware / Software and 6502 figFORTH

Home workshop electronics prototyping -- photos!

Passive Backplane ISA Prototype

Schematic and PCB design -- for Linux®, Windows®, and Mac OS X

Freeware and professional versions; includes Schematic Entry, Component Libraries
and PC Board Layout Editor with optional Autorouter. Also contains full on-line help.
Link to CadSoft Online
CadSoft Online
Click Here

Several ZiLOG libraries (eZ80 and Z8 Encore) are available in the User Files - Downloads section.

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